Fastening Tools

Professionals trust these fastening tools to help with all sorts of projects. Whether they require a sturdy hold while they drill into a material or need to attach a permanent addition, this selection includes everything needed to create secure holds in every situation. Find the fastening tools you need for the projects you encounter most frequently.
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The broad fastening category includes more specific tools for the job. Clamps, for example, come in handy across a range of projects. They hold materials in place temporarily, allowing you to complete more advanced tasks without losing control of the work space. Paired with clamp pads, these devices create sturdy solutions that do not damage surfaces. They offer an extra hand for solo projects and ensure everything stays in place for the moment.

Rivet tools offer a more permanent solution. They create a durable connector between two materials that does not easily come apart. They force metal rivets into pre-drilled holes, creating a bond that lasts. Staplers work the same way. Made for the professional job site, these devices force metal staples into a material to hold it in place for the long haul. Like the rest of the hand tools in the tool box, these devices often require no electricity to function. Instead, they rely on the power provided by the professional craftsman--their clever mechanical designs maximize force without requiring too much strength.

Different fastening tools provide different benefits. Choose the device that creates the bond you need, and keep in mind that rivets create permanent holds while clamps work best as temporary solutions. Staples may work either way, as ongoing holds that keep lighter materials in place or as a basic fastener before the addition of a more secure bolt. Most professionals rely on several types of fastening tools for complete control over job sites.
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