Empire Level


EMPIRE® Level manufactures industry-leading tools that let woodworkers, metalworkers and construction-site professionals measure, lay out and build projects accurately according to specifications. All of these tools and instruments are precision engineered and offer advanced features that make them easy and efficient to use.
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Professionals use Empire measuring tools, including measuring tapes, long-reel tape measures, straight edges, rulers, leaf gauges and calipers, as the critical first step in project or construction work. These measuring tools have boldly printed, etched or stamped graduations, many in both inches and millimeters. Straight edges are cast from solid aluminum, while rulers and calipers are stainless steel. Long-reel measuring tapes have double-sided markings for inch-foot and engineer's scales, with blades that are either nylon-clad steel or fiberglass to protect against the elements. Other Empire measuring tools include angle-measuring protractors and contour gauges for measuring trimwork.

One of the versatile lines of Empire Level tools consists of I-beam and box levels, digital levels and torpedo and utility levels with protective cases. These Empire levels and level cases feature cutting-edge technologies, including high-contrast and LED-highlighted vial bubbles; laser-activated digital readouts; and fractional-inch, variable-slope readouts for horizontal runs. Besides shock-absorbing end caps, levels are protected by cases as they're carried to and from job sites. The cases are made from high-density polyethylene, a rigid, lightweight thermoplastic that is impact, corrosion and moisture resistant.

The company also makes tools for transferring measurements. These Empire marking and layout tools include scribers, awls, punches and compasses, as well as stake flags, marking-line reels and flagging tape. Many of these squares combine measurement, layout and marking functions. They include rafter squares, framing squares, T and combo squares, tri-squares and T-bevel squares, all consisting of either stainless steel or anodized aluminum, many with permanently etched laser graduations.

Empire Level offers all the tools and instruments that professionals need to move their project from blueprint to completion. Check out these measuring, marking and layout tools, and you'll see why these are the tools to have with you to complete projects accurately.
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