The professional electrical trade requires a specific set of tools for the job. Whether you need to test for an electrical current or to install an entirely new system, you need specialized tools. We offer a full selection of electrical hardware for those working with electricity. Find the tools and accessories you need to get started.
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The electrical trade requires, above all else, tools that protect the user from electrical surges. These function with many of the same properties as regular tools and add resistance against various levels of voltage. Electrical hand tools allow electricians to perform daily job functions without sacrificing safety. Paired with on-site accessories, these tools help with everything from cuts to installations. Users depend on these tools and accessories for everyday tasks.

Those working in the electrical trade also need access to measurement devices and protective clothing. Electrical test and measurement tools determine whether a circuit currently carries a charge and, if so, the level of energy carried through a specific set of wires. Electrical apparel often comes with padding and pockets that help with electrical work. These types of accessories provide protection against electrical currents, and they provide vital information for professional jobs.

Electrical generators help on all sorts of job sites. Because many electrical jobs require a disconnected circuit before repairs or installation, generators let you set up closed circuit lighting to safely illuminate the area. They also restore energy to electrical power tools, especially for those who need to recharge heavy duty batteries after periods of intense use.

From insulated screwdrivers to storage belts, we offer all the tools you need for the electrical trade. Find the tools and accessories you need for your next electrical job, so you can work both safely and efficiently in the presence of high voltage circuits.
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