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Split wood cleanly and efficiently with our electric log splitters. Sleek, lightweight and emission-free, these splitters are perfect for chopping up firewood for home use. For all but the most demanding chopping jobs, an electric log splitter will take the hard work out of breaking up wood.
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Of the log splitters we have available, our electric log splitters are often the most convenient for domestic use. They run off standard house power and produce no smoke or fumes. Their electric motors are also surprisingly quiet compared to gas-powered models, and there's no need to worry about refilling the tank. Electric log splitters will run as long as there's an outlet to power them.

We offer only the best electric log splitters that combine a sleek form factor and ease of use with serious splitting power. With most models well under 200 pounds, these tools are easy to transport by hand using the attached wheels. Use one of our attachable stands to raise your splitter to a comfortable working height, and avoid back strain during a long day of chopping.

Our 4-ton electric log splitters will be sufficient for most jobs, but for heavy-duty applications or jobs that require operating in an area without outlets, you may want to consider one of our gas log splitters instead. But for everyday wood splitting, an electric log splitter is a perfectly reliable and efficient piece of outdoor equipment.

Take some time to think about the sorts of logs you plan to split, and choose an electric log splitter with enough power to handle the task. You may also want to invest in a stand to make your splitter more comfortable to use. Log splitters exist to make life easier, so be sure to choose the model that's right for your needs.
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