Drywall & Plastering

Drywall & Plastering

Drywall and plastering tools are necessary to complete your home construction or remodeling job. They cover your exposed walls and allow you to paint the interior to your taste once you finish this step. You can get fantastic results, even if you're a beginner, by studying the instructional books and videos we offer.
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Plastering hand tools include putty knives for spreading joint compound, saws for cutting out damaged sections and many more. For faster work, we sell a full line of pneumatic drywall tools that run on our line of powerful air compressors. Pneumatic plastering equipment includes sanders to remove rough spots from your texture, and unique drills and drivers that work without damaging the drywall around your hole or fastener.

Spraying texture or working with joint compound can be a messy business. Always make sure you have the appropriate plastering apparel, such as glasses to protect your eyes from particulates and splashes, and other plastering equipment like kneepads and helmets, and of course floor protectors to keep the floor from getting damaged. For cleanup, be sure to have the right dust management equipment.

Since drywall is so delicate, you need a setup that avoids causing any additional damage. If you're using a ladder, make sure to use a stepladder that sets up next to the wall, as opposed a ladder that leans against the wall and possibly gouges it. If you have to install fasteners, use drywall and plastering screws threaded to stay inside the loose pack of drywall. Long mixers that attach to a drill or driver quickly and effortlessly mix large quantities of various drywall compounds.

Drywall and plastering tools let you finish the wall with delicate precision. You can achieve a variety of looks by careful texture application. Check out our full line of plastering tools for sale to find every bit of equipment you need to get your job done right.
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