DeWalt Saws

Power saws are some of the most important tools in any shop. Whether you are an amateur woodworker or need to cut precise angles into crown molding on a professional job site, DEWALT® Saws can complete any task you need. The full line of tools will help you finish any home improvement project.
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The nature of your project will determine the type of saw or saws, you need to look for. The most versatile and common saw to find in any workshop is a circular saw. DEWALT circular saws help make straight cuts and precise miters for all types of projects. Consider this a foundation tool with a wide variety of applications. Some circular saws include onboard dust collectors to help make your workspace free of dust and debris.

If you're making furniture or need to cut fine patterns into wood, check out the complete line of DEWALT jig saws. These help you make smooth, round cuts into wood if you're cutting out a stencil, or need a to cut a curve for a table or countertop. Some jigsaws can also cut through fiberglass, metals, and plastics. DEWALT portable band saws can be moved easily from site to site and can also make detailed cuts into thick metal stock.

For professionals working on new construction projects or need help with big demolition or tear down jobs, a reciprocating saw is essential. The line of DEWALT reciprocating saws cut through a wide range of materials including pipes, aluminum or vinyl siding, drywall and lumber. The entire line of DEWALT saws includes rugged housing for durability in any environment.

Power saws are essential for any amateur or professional construction shop. Many have safety features that make the work smoother for any beginner. Whether you are trying your hand at woodworking or are an experienced pro, check out the complete line of DEWALT saws for your next project.
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