DeWalt Professional Power Tools

DEWALT® power tools are designed for both DIY homeowners and professional tradesmen. They can accomplish a wide variety of tasks and last you for a long time.
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DEWALT oscillating multi-tools have the capacity to change out their heads, which allows you to use them to make cuts, sand down surfaces, grind metal and more. It's quick and easy to change out the heads so you can move on to the next phase of your project. DEWALT grinders have the power to remove hard metal burrs and from your workpieces, including heavy-duty machine parts. Their handles are strong and give you the leverage you need for exceptional accuracy.

DEWALT saws include reciprocating saws, circular saws and more, so you can make virtually any cut your project requires. DEWALT drills have high-powered motors and are capable of drilling through wood, drywall, hard metal and more. Their frameless motors have long operational lifespans to give you years of service. You can use DEWALT routers to create curves in your tables and woodworking pieces, and to carve out decorative edges.

If you need extra power, make sure to pick up DEWALTs heavy-duty XRP® battery-powered models. These cordless tools represent the peak of DEWALT's portable design. They run for a long time, and many kits include two batteries and a one-hour charger, so you can swap your batteries between the charger and the tool to enjoy all-day power.

DEWALT power tools come with limited warranties and free service contracts so you can protect your investment They feature comfortable, ergonomic designs so you can use them all day long without straining your hands and wrists. Check out the various features of our selection of DEWALT tools and pick the models which best fit your individual needs.
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