DeWalt Power Tool Accessories

Depending upon the tool you've purchased, you may need to buy additional blades, bits, power supplies and chargers. DEWALT® Power Tool Accessories include any attachments you will need to operate your router, drills, power saws, and more. We also carry many products, like work lights, to make your jobs go even more smoothly.
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In some cases, cordless tools include both battery and charger. However, in most cases, you will need to purchase DEWALT cordless batteries and chargers separately. Look for the appropriate battery in the product description or the product specs. Look for vehicle DEWALT battery chargers, so you can charge up your cordless tools while driving to the job site. We carry a selection of replacement batteries and chargers for all cordless DEWALT tools here.

Check out the complete line of DEWALT work lights for extra lighting in the workshop or on the job site. Flashlights and fixed lights feature flex cords that allow you to hang the light in almost any environment, focusing the light source on the exact spot where you need it. For additional saw blades or router attachments, DEWALT cutting accessories includes blades for jigsaws, reciprocating saws, portable band saws, and, of course, circular saws. Look for sanding pads and polishing wheels for rotary tools.

DEWALT drill attachments and drill bits include a wide range accessories for drilling into masonry and concrete, metal, tile, and wood. We also offer complete sets of bits for our impact drills, cordless drills, impact wrenches and hole saws. Look for laser attachments, brackets, and saw stands to make your next task more accurate.

DEWALT power tool accessories can outfit your job site or workshop. Look for battery packs for all of our cordless tools, including car chargers to help you power up remotely. Check out our full line of blades, rotary attachments and cutting tools for your next project today.
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