DeWalt Hand Tools

DEWALT® hand tools deliver precise control and provide you with space-saving benefits. While there are jobs where power tools are necessary, hand-held tools can be used in many applications and may be the best options in tight areas. We offer a variety of hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and hammers by both professionals and hobbyists.
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One of the biggest benefits of using DEWALT hand tools is the fact that they are small and save space. When you're working in a small area or carrying equipment from your truck to a jobsite, the lightweight features and small stature of the tools can prevent you from fatiguing before you even begin work or making multiple trips for several tools. Many hand-held tools fit easily in DEWALT tool belts, giving you the option for taking them almost anywhere, even up ladders, while staying safe and comfortable.

Some tools, like DEWALT squares, serve multiple purposes. These squares ensure the layout of a slanted application, like rafters or a roof, are cut and positioned together at the correct pitch. However, these heavy-duty DEWALT hand tools also feature an aluminum body, making them useful for guiding your saw as you are cutting.

DEWALT marking and layout tools are an essential part of every professional and hobbyist hand tool collection. These tools are available as crayons and in large or small containers. They can be used to mark straight lines or even to mark stud locations, so you know exactly where to use your DEWALT hammers and screwdrivers.

Using hand-held tools can provide you with the precision and control you need in tight areas, and they also help you avoid having to carry larger tools with you when you don't have to. Whether you need DEWALT chisels, pliers, squares or DEWALT wrenches, there are many different hand-held tools available to choose from.
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