DeWalt Dust Management

DEWALT® dust management vacuums and accessories allow you to clean your jobsite quickly and easily. Our vacuums come in a variety of sizes to fit different needs, and they're also available in both corded and cordless options. Also, the shop vacuums feature many different characteristics you may find helpful on the job, like a vacuum control system, automatic filters and wet-dry vacuuming capabilities.
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These DEWALT shop vacuums come in a variety of sizes, with large 12-gallons tanks suitable for clean-up duties on construction sites to small 0.5-gallon tanks more appropriate for workshop clean-up or dust removal in tighter spaces. While some of the vacuums are only suitable for dry applications, others can handle both dry and wet debris removal. All shop vacuums we offer are portable; some of the larger varieties come equipped with casters to make moving easier while others are light enough to be carried.

When it comes to purchasing a dust management vacuum, DEWALT vacuum filters are an important consideration. Each vacuum will require a particular type of filter whether it be an HEPA filter, wet filter, paper filter or a general purpose filter. Some shop vacs will come ready with additional filters for you to use. Other DEWALT dust management vacuums offer special filter features, like a filter pulse that automatically cleans the filter every few seconds.

DEWALT components and accessories are also essential when purchasing a new vacuum. While many come with attachments and adequate hose lengths, you may find you need additional DEWALT accessories on the job. Other hoses, attachments and adapters can make cleaning any area easier.

Cleaning up your jobsite or workshop doesn't have to be the toughest part of your day. You can tackle both dry and wet messes using DEWALT shop vacuums in various sizes. Find the features that appeal to your needs when shopping for a vacuum. There is a variety available for every purpose.
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