Cutting & Pruning

Cutting and pruning tools remove unwanted mass from your plant life. Proper pruning results in both a tidy look for your garden and landscaping and healthier plants and trees.
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Loppers are cutting tools that resemble scissors with large handles and small blades. The handles give you leverage to chop thick branches off trees. Make sure to get bypass loppers, which have two curved blades that expose a greater portion of the branch to the cutting surface for faster, easier cuts. Geared handles deliver your force more efficiently so that you can get the same work done with less effort. Pruners are essentially handheld versions of loppers, and they're ideal for precision work with small tree branches, vines and flowers.

Pruning shears work much the same as loppers, but they have larger, straight blades. They can prune more matter per cut, but they don't deliver as much power. These pruning tools are best for when you need to clear large sections of grass that you can't reach with your mower or trimmer or when you want to eliminate large sections of nuisance plants like invasive ivy. Grass cutters work like a scythe that you swing gently like a golf putter. They save you from getting on your knees to clear the ground.

Pruning saws cut larger branches than loppers can handle. You can take them up into the tree to remove thick dead limbs that you can't reach from the ground, or attach them to a polesaw. Always take proper safety precautions when you work in trees, including protective gear.

Cutting and pruning equipment is easy to use and produces beautiful results. Many of these tools include lifetime warranties to protect your investment and offer peace of mind. Take the time to search our selection, and choose the right pruning tools for your home or landscaping business.
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