Cordless Saws

Cordless Saws provide fast and efficient cutting power on any job site or home improvement project. These saws use battery power to bring your work outside of the shop. You can take these saws to work areas that were previously inaccessible to power equipment.
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Circular saws are the fastest option for cutting large boards and planks. Due to their high power, make sure that you get a model with adequate guards to protect you. Available cordless circular saws include metal-cutting saws and heavy-duty worm drives. For more versatility than circular saws, use a recip saw. With long, flexible blades, cordless reciprocating saws reach where other saws can't and provide exceptional performance for demolition, pruning and finishing work. Make sure to stock up on reciprocating blades, because these heavy-duty saws tend to run through them very quickly.

If your work includes production with many simple cuts, then a miter saw fits your job profile. Cordless miter saws feature locking adjustable bevels for fast, repeatable cuts that produce the same result on multiple pieces. When your job calls for lots of detail work, jig saws fill that need quite nicely. Cordless jig saws are ideal for scroll cuts and feature angled bevels for projects like the detail work on a front door.

For cutting pipes or other round pieces, band saws are ideal tools. Cordless band saws use flexible band blades that cut accurately into curved surfaces. These saw blades also last longer than other types of blades because of their large cutting surface. Cordless portable band saws deliver outstanding metal-cutting ability because the long blades generate less heat, which increases the saw's working life.

These saws save you time and effort compared to their hand tool equivalents. Switch on over to a cordless saw and see the professional-level results on all your projects.
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