Cordless Drills

Cordless drills use rotary power to quickly drill holes into wood, concrete, metal, fiberglass, drywall and more. These tools make pilot holes for fasteners and most accept driver bits to install the fasteners for versatility. The three main types of cordless drills for sale are hammer drills, right angle and drills/drivers, which each accomplish a different job profile.
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Cordless hammer drills utilize internal impacts to spin their bits. A hammer drill with an SDS shank offers quick bit changes and delivers extra power to the bit. These drills have crossbars to increase your leverage and precision. Cordless drills/drivers offer similar performance to hammer drills but not all models use impacts to drive their bits. Variable speed triggers let you choose the performance level you need from your drills.

Right angle drills feature a long handle with a short head to fit in tight spaces. These drills are longer along the handle, but besides their shape offer the same functionality as other drills. Use a right angle drill for confined work sites to save time from taking apart previous construction for access.

The best cordless drills come with outstanding safety and comfort design including soft grips, ergonomic handles and lightweight design. Look for features to increase tool life like brushless motors, all-metal gears and metal housing or tough overmolds to defend your cordless power drills against impacts and drops. Make sure to stock up with at least one extra battery for continuous, all-day power and a full bit set to drill holes in every size and fit all types of fasteners.

Cordless tools go anywhere on the job site to save you time and effort. They use innovative features to add convenience, comfort and safety to your work. Upgrade to cordless drills today and take your projects to the professional level.
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