Clamps ensure that every material remains in place, no matter what tools the job requires. Free your hands to perform more intricate actions. These specially designed devices keep the whole project under control.
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Clamps offer such a wide range of uses, professionals rely on them for practically everything. Often, hand tools require a study support structure to secure materials in place. In these cases, both spring and bar clamps come in handy. Fastening tools like riveters may require an additional set of hands, and the extra security offers more precision when needed. Just adjust the material so that the clamps may hold it in place and free up both hands to work with whichever tool you need. Staplers sometimes work best with the additional pressure, and many craftsmen choose to clamp their materials for this reason.

Mini bar clamps take up less room than their larger counterparts, but they provide all the power needed for more detailed jobs. These often work best in conjunction with rivet tools and other handheld devices that require additional pressure for best performance. Pair any of these sets with custom clamp pads to help protect the surfaces you work with.

Spring clamps require less surface than most other models, as they pinch between finger-sized tongs at their ends. Regardless of the materials you work with, these versatile tools serve as a great option that take up very little space in the tool box. Handi clamps rely on basic mechanics to control their holds, and they provide even greater strength than those with springs. Just set the clamp in place and adjust the lever for a secure hold that lasts as long as needed.

When you need to press materials together — or hold them in place for more secure fastening — set these clamps to work. Their strong holds provide the steadfast reliability needed for a range of projects.
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