Bull Pins

Bull pins help you align your steel components to take a bolt. They set up two pieces to take a bolt or a rivet more cleanly for faster, more precise work. Use them to help fasten together machinery, bridge parts, automotive and more heavy-duty pieces.
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A broad-head bull pin can take more forceful hammer strikes because the head distributes the force evenly. Because of this you can work with greater speed and your tool lasts longer for a better value. A broad-head bull pin also provides an easy target that reduces slippage to keep your hands safe while you hammer. The long, tapered body of the pin keeps it from binding up into your work pieces. Broad-headed pins have squared shoulders that make it easy to remove them with a wrench.

Bull pin tools with black coating resist corrosion to greatly extend their work life for your convenience and value. Heat-treating increases their strength so they can take more blows and hold up well despite daily use. Bull pins' long, tapered bodies prevent them from binding up into your work pieces and also easily directs the two holes into alignment.

Grab the heaviest-duty pin you can find. Metalworking demands high-performance and can take a toll on hand tools. Master forging techniques keep your pin truly straight despite the pressure of holding together two large pieces of metal. Consider a pin holster to keep your pin at hand while you work from heights or in tricky spaces.

Bull pins ensure the accuracy of your metal construction and fabrication projects. They're portable, durable and easy to use. Your projects finish sooner and with fewer repeated rivets. Check out our selection of bull pins for sale today and add them to your home or professional tool sets.
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