Brush Cutters

Brush cutters clear large swaths of heavy brush with very little effort. They resemble traditional string trimmers, but they have more powerful motors and include features that help them meet professional landscaping demands.
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You can take out even hard woody plants fast if you equip special cutting blades and other accessories to your brush cutter. Metal blades are durable and give you the performance of a hedge trimmer with the balance of a weed trimmer. Make sure to equip any required guards or other modifications to secure your cutting blades and wear appropriate clothes and protective equipment.

Brush cutters run a full work week with no loss of performance. Their large bicycle handles are easy to grip, and when you wear a harness over your shoulder you significantly cut down on both strain over time and the effort you need to maneuver. Professional brush cutters have anti-vibration features like rubber handles that increase your comfort while you work and let you stay at the project until you're finished. Their engines include high-quality components that resist breaking down for extra-long operating lives.

Since you may have frequent stops and starts as you move from one work area to the next, brush cutters have easy-to-start systems. You spend less time pulling the starter cord and more time getting the job done. Other features like automatic purges not only make starts easier, but also prevent damage to the internal components. Take care to have an extra string spool or cutting blade on hand for large-scale jobs.

Our selection of brush cutters for sale eliminate hard plants like blackberries or shrubs quickly. These trimmers are ideal for professionals or homeowners with large properties. Take a look our cutters, acquaint yourself with their features and grab the best brush cutter for your specific requirements today.
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