Bostitch Wrecking & Pry Bars

BOSTITCH® wrecking and pry bars provide you with a mechanical advantage by increasing the amount of force you usually produce. Used often for applications like demolition, roofing and framing jobs, these bars deliver the leverage necessary for heavy-duty tasks. Bostitch offers a variety of lengths, like 10 inches, 24 inches and 36 inches, that help you tackle different jobs depending on the amount of space available.
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Like many Bostitch hand tools, cutting tools and sledge hammers, most Bostitch claw bars feature an orange exterior. This lets you see the tools easily, even on a dusty and dirty job site. They also boast a powder-coated finish that adds to the durability of the product by helping to protect it from marring that could lead to rust. For durability and strength, most Bostitch wrecking and pry bars feature heat-treated spring steel construction. Despite their steel bodies, they are lightweight for easy use.

For improved penetration, Bostitch claw bars have a precision ground edge. Their wide prying edge helps deliver impressive leverage for lifting floor boards, breaking apart wooden frames and separating shingles from a roof. A flat striking face appears on most bars as well, letting you tackle demolish jobs fast. Pulling out embedded nails and fasteners is simple thanks to the slotted claw and beveled ends of the tool.

Like many Bostitch hammers and mallets, these wrecking bars often feature ergonomic rubber grips. This helps improve user comfort while also assisting in producing a better grip for reduced slippage. The rubber grip also protects your hands when working in extreme temperatures.

When choosing a Bostitch wrecking and pry bar, carefully consider how you'll use it and the amount of space available for its use so you select the correct length. Other features, like a wide prying edge, ergonomic grip and powder-coated exterior, should also play a role in your purchasing decision. For light and heavy-duty demolition work, check out our selection to find the pry bar, as well as Bostitch levels, cutting tools and hand tools, you need for your project.
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