Bostitch Specialty Nailers

Designed for those unique situations when a traditional hammer or nail gun just won't do, BOSTITCH® specialty nailers help you drive common bulk nails and fasteners quickly. There are several types of these nail guns, including impact nailers, steel nailers and palm nailers. Each serves a particular purpose, such as hammering through steel or driving nails into tight spaces. For maximum usability, these Bostitch impact nailers and palm nailers contain many safety, comfort and durability features.
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Steel nail guns are a type of Bostitch specialty nailers that serve one purpose: driving fasteners through steel. This is possible thanks to their pneumatic engines that provide them with more power than typical Bostitch framing nailers or brad nailers. They have some of the same features as other nail guns from this manufacturer, however, including tool-free drive depth adjustment, nail lockout and adjustable rafter hooks.

Bostitch impact nailers are lightweight and durable. Some are miniature in size, making them useful in tight spaces. Impact nailers are typically compatible with most bulk timber, framing and finish nails, making them ideal for multipurpose use. Most Bostitch impact nailers feature rubber grips that help improve comfort while also reducing vibration.

Palm nailers are small specialty nail guns that work well in areas where there isn't enough room for swinging a hammer or use a Bostitch finish nailer. Like their name suggests, Bostitch palm nailers fit in the palm of your hand. Most have a hardened steel nose that is magnetic. This holds your nails stable while you position the tip of the nail where you want it. Many of these palm nail guns feature interchangeable noses for use with standard and finish nails.

Secure your fasteners quickly and easily with the right Bostitch specialty nailers. There are several different types available to suit your needs. Find these as well other Bostitch pneumatic nailers for your next project
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