Bostitch Measuring Tapes

BOSTITCH® measuring tapes are part of a broad category of Bostitch tool products that also include Bostitch air compressors and air hoses, cordless nailers, hand tools and pneumatic tools and fasteners. This brand is well known for its quality construction and operational reliability, starting with the company's industry-leading flooring, framing, finishing and roofing nailers. Bostitch measuring tapes follow the quality standards of all Bostitch tools that help professionals get their jobs done right.
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Getting jobs done correctly requires measuring accurately at the outset. Bostitch measuring tools are the critical first step after demolition with Bostitch high-carbon, forged-steel claw bars and before the start of renovation with Bostitch pneumatic tools. The tapes are essential for fast and accurate layouts, the integrity of framing and the accuracy of trim and finish work. Bostitch measuring tapes come in a full 1-1/4-inch wide format in several different lengths, up to 35 feet and more. Each tape has a full 13 feet of standout, an industry-leading extension for supporting one-handed measuring. The end hooks of Bostitch measuring tools are larger than industry standards, plus some are double hooked for top and side grabs. The tape blade is made of steel, sealed with a bi-material BladeArmor™ coating consisting of Mylar-polyester film, not only making the blades longer lasting but also much more visible when extended. The tape blade also has large, easy-read numerals and graduations. Bostitch bi-material tapes have an AirLock™ rubber slide lock that provides cushioning when the blade is extended and secured in place.

Bostitch bi-material tapes are the standard bearers of measuring standards. The full 13-foot standout, the visible format of the blade and the dual-film blade coating are cutting-edge design elements. Before using Bostitch fasteners to secure any structural element, from cabinets to trim work, you should rely on Bostitch measuring tapes to make sure your dimensions are true and precise.
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