Bostitch Cutting Tools

There are several types of BOSTITCH® cutting tools, including aviation snips and twin-blade knives. These tools let you cut through metal, roofing felt, cardboard, shingles and a variety of other materials. Every device boasts high-quality construction, such as forged chrome molybdenum steel blades.
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Aviation snips are Bostitch metal-cutting tools that slice easily through materials like stainless steel and cold-rolled steel. There are three different types, defined by their handle colors; while each cut in a straight line, they also cut at a curve depending on their type. If these Bostitch hand tools have a yellow handle, they cut on a wide curve. Red handles indicate a cut that curves to the left, making them ideal for left-handed users. Green-handled varieties of these Bostitch hand cutting tools are ideal for right-handed individuals and curve to the right.

Many of the aviation snips from Bostitch feature strong, steel blades coated with titanium nitride for reduced wear and tear. This coating helps improve the lifespan on the blades. The blades are also serrated, improving your grip on materials during use.

Blade knives work well for both DIYers and professionals in a variety of situations. Whether you're opening cardboard boxes or on a roof, slice through materials quickly and easily. Many of these Bostitch cutting tools have retractable blades; some have a twin-blade design that lets you alternate between two different blades. The blade sliders help ensure that the tool extends only one blade at a time.

Like Bostitch hammers and mallets, levels and staplers, the unique features of these tools make them valuable equipment on the job. Many of these Bostitch hand cutting tools use InstantChange, a feature that lets you replace dull blades in a matter of seconds for improved productivity with each task.

Cut through stainless steel, roofing felt and more with the right Bostitch cutting tools. There are a variety of options available as well as other tools, like Bostitch staplers, levels and wrecking bars, that will help you complete your next project.
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