Bostitch Brad Nailer

BOSTITCH® brad nailers are part of other pneumatic nailers that also include Bostitch flooring nailers, finish nailers, roofing nailers and framing nailers. All of these pneumatic tools accept Bostitch fasteners of different degrees, gauges, shanks and lengths. Bostitch brad nailers fire 18-gauge brads and 23-gauge pins.
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Bostitch brad nailers are close cousins of Bostitch finish nailers, also for woodworking and trim but firing slightly larger 16-gauge nails. Both the brad and finish nailers have sequential, contact or combination firing-actuation modes. Most of the brad nailers have side-loading magazines, and many come with Smart Point® technology, featuring smaller nose tips that reduce contact-trip compression and minimizing marring and brad-hopping on contact.

Bostitch headless brad nailers for 23-gauge pins with come 1/4-inch air fittings, with rear exhaust to vent spent air compression away from the user. The 23-gauge brad nailer has a sequential triggering mechanism with dry-fire lock as a safety feature. The Bostitch headless brad nailer has adjustable settings for firing pins at precise depths, and the side-load magazine holds 200 headless pins. The 23-gauge brad nailers come in kits that also include the air fitting, a carrying case and 500 pins each in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch lengths.

Bostitch 18-gauge brad nailers also come in Bostitch brad nailer kits. The 18-gauge brad nailers feature depth-adjustment settings and a side-loading magazine capacity of 100. Exhaust venting is fully adjustable. The 18-gauge Bostitch brad nailer comes with a non-marring pad and an accessory kit with a 1/4-inch fitting, sample brads, pins and a carrying case.

Bostitch brad nailers are companions to Bostitch specialty nailers. Both are a niche of pneumatic tools that have the power and capacity for specific fastening applications. This attention to the nuances of pins and brads as fasteners gives you the reason for checking out the entire line of tool offered by Bostitch.
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