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BOSCH® sanders make quick work of projects and, whether you choose a detail or finishing sander, you know it will get the job done faster than hand sanding and save you time. Changeable position sanding pads, ergonomic grip and the ability to change pads quickly and easily makes your sanding work quick and easy. Many Bosch detail sanders and finishing sanders even vacuum up the dust as you work.
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Bosch Tools such as electric sanders make sanding work faster and easier than hand sanding. Whether you are removing old paint or varnish, rounding edges on a piece of furniture or putting a smooth finish on a piece of wood. Many people enjoy woodworking, whether it is building furniture or boats, sheds for the backyard or remodeling a room in your house. Refinishing furniture or sanding down pieces for DIY projects you are doing at home are accomplished more quickly and easily by using a Bosch detail sander or finishing sander. Since the shape of the sander you choose needs to be geared for the job, you can use finishing sanders for those flat or curved areas that need smoothing. Use a detail sander for areas that can't be smoothed with a finishing sander, such as corners. For home DIY projects, such as refinishing built-ins or building cabinets or shelving units, the proper tools such as Bosch power tool saws, sanders and Bosch measuring and layout tools can save hours of labor.

When working on home carpentry projects, having the correct tools can save time and effort and Bosch sanders make quick work of your sanding projects. Use a Bosch finishing sander for those larger areas or to round edges or a detail sander to get into tight corners or odd angles to prepare your woodworking project for the finish work of paint or varnish.
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