Bosch Sanders

Choose a Bosch sander from the extensive range of Bosch power toolsavailable to make your next woodworking project faster and easier to complete. A high-quality Bosch sander makes quick work of most jobs and produces an even, smooth finish. A sander saves you time and energy and ensures a professional look to all your projects.
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For large areas of flat sanding, choose a Bosch finish sander. Their motors provide you with the power to remove old paint or varnish ready for repainting in a short time. The selection of Bosch finish sanders includes orbital sanders which produce a smooth, even surface. They are ideal for rounding off edges when laying floors or building outdoor projects such as a garden shed. Bosch sanders let you achieve a fast, professional-quality finish when installing shelves. All have comfortable, easy to grip ergonomic handles that make even big jobs less tiring. Some Bosch sanders feature built-in dust collectors for a cleaner, healthier workplace. They suck up leftover dust and debris to give you clearer visibility.

For hard-to-get-to places, choose one of the Bosch detail sanders. These have triangular heads that are ideal for reaching into corners. Bosch detail sanders are ideal for furniture or cabinet making or refinishing. They deliver a smooth finish even on difficult curved surfaces. All Bosch sanders feature easy-change pads to save you time when switching them out so you can get the job done faster. Check out the range of Bosch power tool accessories to find the right accessory for the job at hand.

Complete woodworking projects faster, safer and easier by using the correct tools. Bosch finish sanders and detail sanders will allow you to speed up and improve your woodworking projects, allowing you to provide yourself and others professional-looking results.
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