Bosch Routers

Bosch routers provide the special cutting capabilities you need to take on your woodworking or cabinetry projects. They also have a selection of router kits which combine fixed base with plunge base. Bosch has the router you need to make all the special cuts you need from dovetail cuts to dado cuts, v-groove, round-over, beading and more.
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With Bosch fixed base routers, you can set the cut depth to what you want and you cannot cut past that point. If needed, you can mount them to your router table. These Bosch routers can handle most basic routing tasks slot cutting or rounding off edges. Each tool in our selection is powered with reliable motors that can reach tens of thousands of RPM. Additional features such as built-in guides, versatile bit-changing systems and soft-start make for user-friendly routers optimized for your woodworking needs.

Bosch plunge routers are different in that you can plunge cut past the originally set cut depth. You can buy an individual plunge base which you can use for a router you already have. You can combine standalone routers with compatible bases as needed. Bosch plunge routers have many of the same features of fixed base routers only with greater versatility and control. Use different plunge depths for different applications with a range of multiple inches to small fractions of an inch for intricate detail work.

Going for a Bosch router kit may be your best option. With their router kits, you have more adjusting options at your hands with the combined benefits of a fixed base and plunge base router. Obtaining both types of router at once saves you time later.

Bosch stands by their accessories with limited warranties for your peace of mind. Browse our outstanding selection of Bosch routers today and get the model you need for your next project.
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