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BOSCH® benchtop router tables give your workshop or job site the tools needed to get any woodworking project done, no matter the size or scope. Bosch is well known for making professional grade tools for workers, its line of cordless tools, its bench and stationary machinery, alongside our wide selection of Bosch power tool accessories, can help ensure that your tools will hold up for years on the job. You can be sure that when you choose a wood router table from Bosch's full selection of products, you'll be choosing excellence.
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Along with a selection of Bosch saws and a set of quality power tools, a wood router table is one of the most important purchases that you will make for your workshop. When you decide to invest in this type of tool, it's important to make sure you choose the right tool for your personal needs, without sacrificing quality. A good benchtop router table can be used to carve, chip or cut a piece of wood into anything from a door frame to a drawer handle, and can turn a daunting carving task into a few minutes of easy cutting. By choosing from our selection of wood router tables, you're ensuring that you'll have a precise tool for that exact edge any time you need it. By picking a Bosch product, you're choosing the tool of professionals. Bosch takes pride in building quality tools for real craftsmen, and our selection of Bosch router tables can turn any hobbyist's station into a professional woodworking workshop.

Whether on the job or in your workshop, Bosch tools should be there to give your work the professional touch it deserves. From stationary table machines to cordless power tools, choosing Bosch is choosing excellence. When you choose your wood router table, choose Bosch for a precise, high-quality piece of equipment made to fit you.
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