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BOSCH® rotary tools put power and performance in your hands wherever you need it, without worrying about whether your tools can keep up and get the job done. Built for ease of use, designed with ergonomics in mind, and with best-in-class performance-to-weight ratio, these cordless rotary tools deliver on the more than 125 years of reliability behind the Bosch name. The full line offers specialized tools for drilling and cutting, Bosch cordless planers, hammering tools and cordless combo kits, so you can take on virtually every task on the job site.
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Bosch cordless tools are packed with features that make them a pleasure to use, and they offer the kind of reliability that is tough to find. Dependability starts with the industry's most advanced lithium-ion batteries, which provide maximum power for every job. As with all batteries, heat is the enemy, so Bosch's groundbreaking Coolpack™ Technology helps safeguard against overload and overheating. Keep battery cells cool and they'll both charge-up and expend power more evenly. Together with Electronic Cell Protection (ECP), Coolpack provides superior charge life--up to twice as many charges, and as much as 65% more run time of competing batteries.

On both the rotary drilling and Bosch cutting tools, Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the motor from overheating so you keep working. Bosch's exclusive Vibration Control™ effectively controls juddering, increasing precision and reducing user fatigue. Vario-Lock™ Positioning allows adjustments to the chisel. This easily putts the tool in exactly the right position, and integrated LED work lights ensure that you can see exactly what you're doing, right down to the bit.

Every Bosch rotary tool offers a high-performance motor packed into a compact, lightweight, superbly designed piece of equipment, giving you professional performance and durability for the job site or workshop. Whether drilling, chiseling, hammering or other rotary task, Bosch cordless rotary tools are the industry leader you can count on.
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