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Bosch Power Tool Reciprocating Saws

BOSCH® reciprocating saws provide reliability and strong performance and are ergonomically designed for comfort. The high ratio of power to weight combined with a comfortable grip and vibration control that extends into the handle lets you work while tiring less quickly, particularly in an overhead position.
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The combination of compact size, weight and speed variability in Bosch reciprocating saws allows for more user control regardless of the material you are cutting through. Cutting control in this compact reciprocating saw is also improved by the use of a variable speed trigger equipped with Constant Response™ circuitry to maintain the desired speed. To make demolition, home improvements or construction easier, Bosch tools can make the job go quickly.

Bosch reciprocating saws provide a convenient tool when doing demolition or making cuts during a building project, and let you get into those tight spots that are difficult with other types of saws. The variety of Bosch reciprocating saw blades let you can cut through metal, nails, work on overhead pipes and trim drywall or plywood. This can be particularly useful when framing windows or doors or hanging drywall and makes short work of removing old pieces of lumber for replacement. These saws are available in three different sizes to accommodate your needs, including a compact 1-inch stroke model, with 12 amps of power, length of 17-4/5 inches and a high weight to power ratio.

If you are working on a home remodeling project, building a shed or countless other tasks, having a compact reciprocating saw makes the job easier and go more quickly. Whether buying a new or reconditioned reciprocating saw, Bosch power tools give you what you need to complete your projects with quality tools for DIY homeowners and professionals.
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