Bosch Power Tools

BOSCH® power tools deliver outstanding performance for any job. From powerful demolition hammers to versatile oscillating multi-tools, these products have you covered in every situation.
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Bosch drills come in several varieties, including precise drywall drills that can drive a screw into a finished wall without damaging the surface. SDS-Max™ Bosch hammerdrills let you swap out the bits quickly and deliver power directly to the chisels for greater energy efficiency. Bosch shears are powerful enough to make fast work of cutting various gauges of sheet metal, including stainless steel.

These power tools are ideal for finishing various woodworking projects. Bosch planers shave down boards to a specific level. Their high-powered motors save you lots of effort over using hand-powered planers. Bosch routers are ideal for making curved edges for tabletops and other pieces. They come in fixed- or plunger-base models for added versatility. Bosch sanders quickly smooth out wood surfaces. They feature outstanding dust collection to keep particles out of your eyes, nose and mouth.

Bosch grinders are ideal for removing burrs from metal. Angle grinders let you work on large, flat surfaces quickly. Die grinders fit into smaller spaces and are excellent for smoothing out the inside of pipes or similar items. Nibblers let you make cuts within a sheet of metal without having to start from the outer edge, which is ideal for cutting signs or other decorative projects.

Bosch tools feature lightweight designs to make them easy to carry. Their ergonomic handles help to prevent hand and wrist strain. Overload protection keeps them running at peak efficiency safely.

Bosch tools are versatile enough to accomplish virtually anything you need to do. Browse our incredible selection of Bosch tools today and grab the model that's right for your specific needs.
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