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The BOSCH® line of plunge base routers is an evolution of technological innovation that makes plunge-routing as precise and ergonomic as possible for professionals. Bosch plunge routers come in a range of horsepower and variable-speed RPMs so they can be adapted precisely to work that requires delicate or more rugged cuts. Motor speed is also monitored so that the variable-speed plunge routers operate smoothly even under heavy load, and low-torque start-up extends the motor's life. Plunge bases are precision-engineered to keep bits on center and are made of clear, polycarbonate material to extend the workpiece sightline. The depth adjustment system of Bosch electronic plunge routers is also precision-controlled. It features micro-fine settings in a 5/8-inch range that can be locked into place, and with a finely machined turret stop that accurately controls the depth of repeat plunges. One of the major innovations is a speed switch located on the handle so that professionals have total control over cutting power and the position of the plunge.
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Bosch plunge routers can be equipped with more than 100 Bosch carbide-tipped bits for the entire range of millwork, cabinetry, trimming or shaping needs, including mortising, slotting and beveling. Other Bosch variable-speed plunge-router accessories include collets, template guides and quick-fitting templets and adapters for attaching template guides to the plunge router sub-base. Bosch also makes lockable, molded carrying cases that protect the electronic plunge routers and bases while they are carried between job sites or stored in the shop.

Bosch plunge routers are modular with Bosch router fixed bases, adding operational versatility to the Bosch reputation for hi-tech innovation. Precision engineering, controlled power, design functionality and user comfort give Bosch variable-speed plunge routers the breadth of features that professionals appreciate in any power tool, and Bosch's electronic plunge routers are what woodworkers and trimmers want in their hands.
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