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Bosch® planers can make short work of planing lumber, avoiding long hours of hand work and allowing you to plane surfaces in some hard to reach spots. Whether you choose a planer kit with a 6.5 Amp motor or the 6.0 or 6.5 Amp electric planers, you know you will have the proper tool to do the job. With extra features such as a built-in stand, dust ports so you can choose which side you want the dust to exit. Another feature is the ability to convert some Bosch power planers to high-speed use, this versatile planer can be useful in many different applications.
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Bosch power planers are as useful as other power tools when you are adding on a room, putting in new doors or just have lengths of wood you want to smooth out so you can use them. While electric planers are commonly used to do simple tasks such as planing the bottom of a door that sticks, they serve for many other uses. Being able to straighten lumber that is crooked makes it usable for projects and saves money having to replace unusable lengths of wood. Wood surfaces that are rough or have a painted finish that you want to remove quickly and easily can be accomplished using an electric planer. Bosch planers are especially useful when adding on to a room or adding a ceiling or walls to an unfinished basement. Drywalling a ceiling requires that the joists be level, or the ceiling can come out uneven and be difficult to fit. Drywalling unfinished walls has the same consideration but can be fixed by using an electric planer and laser level.

When working on a job, Bosch tools can make a difference in the speed and ease of completion. Bosch planers come with varied options to make evening wood, removing paint and smoothing rough surfaces more simple.
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