Bosch Miter Saws

BOSCH® miter saws bring the cutting edge of safety and efficiency directly to your hands. The company manufactures quality tools for hard workers, and its line of saws and other bench and stationary machinery bring a professional touch to any work site or personal workshop. Bosch miter saws help any crew run quickly by allowing you to set up an angle for consistently making the same cut over and over.
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A Bosch compound miter saw's design is made with convenience in mind, featuring carrying handles for portability around a work space and a lighter mass for when you need to transport it. These Bosch saws feature Squarelock™ technology, which quickly and easily aligns the saw to any level surface without any need for further adjustment. Bosch sliding miter saws have ease of access at the forefront of their design, with an easily reachable bevel lock lever and range selector to help you make exactly the cut you need.

Sliding miter saws move back and forth, which helps to increase the width of the boards you can cut to much longer than the diameter of your saw blade. These Bosch miter saws feature cutting edge safety technology to ensure that your work is as safe and efficient as possible, including retractable guards or ergonomic handles which help to reduce work-related strain. Preset detents let you select from the most common angles and lock it in securely.

A professional Bosch miter saw helps you to work at production-level speeds by eliminating the need to remeasure for each cut. They boast a limited 1-year warranty to help protect your investment. No matter if it's compound or sliding, a Bosch miter saws help you to safely and efficiently save time and bring your work to the world.
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