Bosch Power Tool Jig Saws

BOSCH® jig saws are the forebearers of these essential power tools, and Bosch innovation continues to advance their power, precision and versatility. Bosch manufactures electric, battery-powered and pneumatic jig-saw models. They offer such features as variable- and set-speed triggers, Constant Response™ circuitry that keeps the saws powering through dense cuts. They also offer tool-free blade insertion and ejection, blade holders with multiple clamping points and 45-degree beveling footplates.
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Bosch power tool jig saws include top handle and barrel grip models, available with various size motors. The top handle jig saw requires one-handed maneuvering, freeing up the other for workpieces. This saw is useful for light or detailed clamp-free work. The barrel-handle jig saw requires two-handed pressure on a palm grip and handle, and Bosch has built ergonomic features into both. This tool is useful for dense or large clamped workpieces that require more control. The Bosch power tool jig-saw line also includes a top-handle pneumatic jig saw that runs on 90 psi and cordless jig saws that run on 18V batteries, including lithium ion.

As important as the jig saws themselves are the blades they use. Bosch jig saw blades are noted for their innovative T-shank, which mounts more securely than the standard U-shape shank. Bosch manufactures a variety of blades for the top-handle and barrel-handle jig-saw models. This includes blades with varying tooth counts for cutting wood, metal, laminate, carbon fiber, plexiglass, PVC, foam, insulated material or solid surface such as ceramic tiles.

Some Bosch jig saws can also be accessorized with Bosch dust-extraction kits that connect to Bosch shop vacuums with Bosch vacuum hoses. All jig-saw models can be used with Bosch jig-saw guides for precise parallel and circular cutting.

Bosch jig saws have earned their reputation for power, versatility and reliability. Whether you're a hobbyist or professional woodworker or carpenter, jig saws are an indispensable tool, and the Bosch brand is the one you need.
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