Bosch Grinders

BOSCH® grinders are an important part of many construction jobs. There are various types of Bosch Grinders available including angle and die grinders. Choosing the right Bosch tool depends on your needs. Bosch angle grinders used for polishing, grinding and cutting are common in projects involving metal or for emergency uses. Bosch die grinders, on the other hand, are popular when polishing or honing of metal or plastic occurs.
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Die grinders, employed mainly before computer numerical control machines came into use, are still part of many jobs. Originating in tool and die work, Bosch die grinders are still part of contouring, fabrication grinding and cutting, sheet metal projects and woodworking as well as in some hobbies including engraving or shaping.

Angle grinders used to remove unwanted material or cutting, are part of metal work and used in construction projects. A variety of discs such as those for sanding, stone grinding and polishing jobs are part of the Bosch angle grinders focus and found in the auto body and service shops. Choosing a grinder uses the disc size as a parameter as well the power of the motor. Discs range from 4 to 12 inches. Smaller discs might be desirable, but this may cut down on the motor power.

Choosing the right Bosch angle grinder means knowing the disc size and the motor power you need. Discs and other power tool accessories make the machine more versatile. Bosch die grinders come in various designs. Torque is important for metal work and high power is good for metal or steel. Checking into safety apparel might be adviseable for heavy use.

Having the right tools for the job makes work faster and easier. Considering all the ways you can use a grinder helps you to make a decision.
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