Bosch Dust Management

BOSCH® dust management is important whether you're cutting, grinding, sanding, scraping or chiseling. When doing such jobs that produce a significant amount of dust, you need to be equipped with the necessary gear to keep your lungs and workplace clean. The Bosch dust management system is the integration of dust management products and tools made by Bosch. Some of these products are made solely for certain tools, while others can be used in any workshop. Such products consist of Bosch vacuums, accessories and replacement components.
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Airborne dust can be hazardous to inhale. It contain wood, silica, drywall particles or other hurtful particles. Reduce your exposure to airborne dust in your workplace by using Bosch vacuums in conjunction with dust collection units. Bosch has vacuums with varying dust colllection capacities. Some of these vacuums are standard in that they collect dry dust particles, while others are more versatile wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

Bosch accessories that aid in dust management include Bosch collection units, which are extension tubes that attach to your tools. Some of these dust collection units can be applied specifically to a certain tool, such as an articulating dust extraction kit which is designed for jigsaws. Hammerdrill dust collectors attach to your electric hammer and sucks up dust as you work.

Check out the Bosch components and accessories page for additional products to aid in your dust removal system. Bosch offers dust extractor kits for oscillating tools, as well as vacuum hose adapters, micro-filters and dust bags for table saws or sanders. There's paper and plastic Airsweep™ vacuum cleaner bags which we sell in convenient multi-packs. Use paper bags for dry dust; plastic for a mix of wet/dry material. Use, these Bosch components on your next project to keep everything clean and safe.
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Resources:    Bosch OSHA Compliant Dust Solutions