Bosch Cordless Tools

Bring power to your jobsite in a lightweight package with Bosch cordless tools, a lightweight and professional standard for professional workmen. BOSCH® cordless tools are built for power and portability in any circumstance.
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Bosch tools are made with professional workmen in mind, with each tool manufactured upholding the highest standards of quality. Bosch makes cordless tools for a variety of tasks, including grinders, drills, cutting tools, and impact wrenches. All of Bosch's cordless tools are compact, sturdy and long lasting, so you can take them anywhere. If one tool isn't enough, Bosch cordless combo kits help provide the equipment needed for your entire team to get the job done.

All Bosch cordless tools are built with a compact design to make sure that you can get your equipment anywhere you need it. Lightweight chassis and comfortable handles make overhead work simple, while a small, powerful form makes it easy to slide your drill, screwdriver or other tool into the tightest of spaces. Bosch cordless drills use Durashield™ housing to withstand the hardest conditions on the job. Bosch drills also feature Coolpack technology to ensure a longer and healthier battery life, and active response systems to make sure your drill doesn't suffer from the unavoidable hassles and issues of use. Bosch cordless grinders use electronic motor protection over a best-in-class four pole motor to make sure that your tool doesn't wear out, and has the power to tackle any task. All Bosch tools are built with a compact and sleek design and industry standard safety features.

A set of Bosch cordless tools is important for any professional worksite. Efficient and compact designs make Bosch drills, grinders and other cordless equipment easy to use in any scenario, and long-lasting battery technology helps to ensure that your tool stays working for as long as you need it to. Bosch cordless tools are powerful and durable without a bulky weight, making them an excellent choice for your workshop, garage or jobsite no matter the task at hand.
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