Bosch Cordless Saws

BOSCH® cordless saws provide the speed, efficient power, and long run time to excel at any job site. Bosch never fails to provide quality power tools, and its hand-held cordless saws offer the means for tradespeople to take on various types of projects. Different types of projects call for different kinds of saws. Bosch provides you and your crew with plenty of options to assist your cutting needs at the job site including circular saws, jig saws, portable band saws, and reciprocating saws.
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Your crew may need circular saws to make fast, straight cuts in wood, fiber cement, aluminum, or plastics. The Bosch cordless circular saws provide carpenters and related professionals with the ability to cut through the thickest lumber. Theses saws are ideal for framing and other relevant projects. Bosch cordless jig saws can provide highly accurate cutting capabilities. This type of saw is ideal for detail cutting projects that call for curved and inside cuts. You can output a lot of cuts at a fast rate with jig saws, and they can cut through metal and plastics as well as wood.

Bosch portable band saws capture the power of the band saw in hand-held form. With the ability to cut through tubing and metal pipes, these saws can fit the needs of carpenters, plumbers, welders and metal workers alike. Bosch cordless reciprocating saws are the heavy-duty saws that are typically used for demolition and specialize in flush cuts. With the right blade, these saws can cut almost any material as long as it's not concrete or stone.

The first step is identifying which saw will best fit the needs of your workshop. With the options Bosch provides, you can find exactly what you need online. Make sure you buy the right saw that best fits the needs of your crew at the job site.
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