Bosch Cordless Planers

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Finish off your work neatly using Bosch Cordless Planers. Offering the same features as Bosch corded models, the lightweight Bosch cordless planer is convenient and easy to use. These planers feature a Micro-V drive belt that ensures correct belt alignment for maximum durability. Using the chip-ejector switch, you can discharge shavings to either side so they don't interfere with your planing. Convenient dust ports fitted to both sides of the machine allow you to use the optional shavings bag to collect shavings and keep your workplace clean.
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Use your cordless planer to level floor joists and columns before fitting a drywall. Take the edge off corner posts and create chamfered handrails. This Bosch tool is ideal for planing doors, especially when you're building an addition or new home and need to trim doors to fit correctly. Adjustable edge guide fences, which can be installed on either side, keep your cuts straight, especially when you need to plane wide boards. The dependable ratchet-controlled depth knob provides precise cutting depth control. Enjoy Bosch cordless electric planer features such as the electronically counterbalanced blade that positions the blade at the best cutting angle. If you're left-handed, you'll appreciate the ambidextrous release button.

Designed to accommodate Coolpack™ FatPack batteries, Bosch cordless planers have enough power to tackle any task, while electronic protection features guard the motor and battery against overload and overheating. Prevent workshop clutter and choose Bosch cordless tools designed to use the same size battery avoiding the need for a different charger for each cordless tool. Take advantage of this to ensure you always have a spare battery, fully charged, available to complete any task.

Bosch's comprehensive range of power tools means there is one that's just suited to your needs. Increase your versatility and keep your tools at their peak with Bosch power tool accessories.
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