Bosch Cordless Jig Saws

BOSCH® cordless jig saws are reliable, lightweight saws that can be used for a variety of cutting applications. They're specialty saws designed for finesse cutting and excel at making special, intricate cuts needed for decorative projects. Perform sweeping curve, straight or more complex curving cuts for tight corners and custom shapes. Power jig saws can handle cutting through wood, ceramic, plastics and metals like aluminum, copper or steel. Their comfortable grips, versatility and ease of use make these tools ideal for professionals or DIY hobbyists.
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Like all Bosch cordless tools, this line of jig saws has sufficient power to give you long run-time. Some have lithium-ion batteries included to keep you working on projects. Bosch cordless jig saws can be used for cutting holes in walls for electrical outlets, in doors for door knobs, in counter tops for installing sinks, or in cabinets for piping. It's these types of applications that jig saws excel at over other Bosch cordless saws, giving your crew the edge it needs at the job site. Dust blowers keep particulates out of your line of sight for greater accuracy.

Power Jig saws are typically designed for changing the blades quickly and easily. A quick release blade feature requires no screwdriver or Allen wrench to change blades. Jig saws are compatible with all kinds of different blades which specialize in cutting different materials at different speeds. Some models have variable-speed control, to allow you to slow down the blade when making difficult, intricate cuts. Unlike mounted table jig saws, these can be used without an outlet.

Bosch's power saws are built with quality in mind, and they're protected by a 1-year limited warranty. Browse our outstanding selection of Bosch power jig saws today and find the one that's ideal for your specific project needs.
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