Bosch Cordless Grinders

When you need to bring a powerful and easy to move tool to your worksite, a BOSCH® cordless grinder makes any difficult grinding job easy. Our catalog of Bosch cordless tools helps make any job simple, no matter the size or scope.
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This selection of Bosch cordless grinders is suited to a wide variety of tasks, with a large selection of angle or die grinders to fit your jobsite's needs. These grinders can be used for a wide variety of tasks that require lots of power or time to complete, including polishing or cutting into tough materials. You can also use your cordless angle grinder to turn any time consuming sanding job into a few minutes of quick brushing. Die grinders are used for work that requires more finesse or for areas that require a smaller tool. Applications of these cordless tools can include buffing or polishing hard to reach surfaces, or honing metal to improve it's texture or shape.

All Bosch tools are industry leaders in safety and efficiency, and our selection of Bosch cordless grinders are no exception. All of these tools feature comfortable grips to ensure you'll never tire of using them. Bosch's cordless die grinders and angle grinders also feature Restart Protection™ to prevent the tool from automatically restarting after a power cut, as well as Electronic Cell Protection™ to shut down the tool if the battery overheats.

All Bosch cordless grinders are covered by Bosch's 3-year ProVantage™ warranty, to ensure you always get the value and work you want out of a Bosch purchase. When you purchase a one of our angle or die grinders, you can be sure that you're purchasing a safe, reliable tool that you can count on. By choosing Bosch cordless angle grinders, you're choosing to bring excellence and professionalism to any job you have.
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