Bosch Bench & Stationary Machinery

BOSCH® bench and stationary tools provide your workshop with the equipment needed to get the job done. With experience in manufacturing hardware for all purposes, from cordless tools to gardening equipment, Bosch power tools are well known for being built for professional hard workers, and you can be sure that our line of Bosch saws and router tables are built by the best and made to last.
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Bosch Router tables offer a wide variety of uses for wood working and are often one of the first purchases made by anyone who will be working with lumber. The potential applications of a good router table are endless, and can include anything from patterning or detailing a piece of wood trim to cutting a set of joints into a door or other project. Many such functions provided are unique to a router table, making it a must-have in any workshop. A high-quality Bosch router table can help you provide the standard of woodworking and attention to detail that your projects demand, no matter the circumstance.

Just as important to any workshop as a router table is a high-quality stationary saw. A Bosch saw can turn hours of manual labor into a few short minutes of quick cutting, or change a ragged edge into a clean, smooth cut in a matter of seconds. Professional Bosch saws is an absolute need on any construction job site or personal workshop, and can shave hours or days off of production time by increasing productivity and cutting through your workload for you.

As you consider your next purchase for your workshop, consider Bosch bench and stationary tools for any of your job site needs. Safe, fast and effective, you, your co-workers or your team will be glad to have a set of Bosch tools on the job.
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