Bench & Stationary Machinery

Bench & Stationary Machinery

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This selection of bench and stationary machines includes a wide variety of tools to help with an extensive array of jobs. Use this section to stock a new shop or to upgrade the existing items you already trust for everyday projects.
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The bench and stationary accessories section includes all the extras that accompany the shop's major tools. This includes digital printout add-ons and replacement parts. If, for example, the CNC wood carving machine needs a motor upgrade, visit this category for options. It contains a full selection of motors to choose from.

The anvils category provides a solid foundation for many projects, and other category pages like saws and lathes feature their named tools as well. For specific projects, refine your search based on the machines you need and shop through the results.

Bench grinders serve many professionals as a center feature of the shop. This category includes a selection of machines to help with tool sharpening. As with most stationary equipment, be sure to look for stands or wheels, if necessary.

Buffers are most helpful for finishing projects, especially for polishing, sanding and adding luster to put a finishing touch on various materials. The beauty of these machines is that you can use them for a wide range of applications, so long as you have the right wheels and compounds. For instance, you could cut pieces of piping with a saw, then smooth away the rough edges with a properly equipped buffer.

Every workspace needs a reliable set of stationary equipment and this selection includes some of the most powerful choices available. Start by refining your selection on the functions you need to accomplish, then head to the accessories section to add, enhance or customize features. Find the tools that help with your most frequent projects, and compare everything to ensure you have everything you need to do the job right.
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