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man safely cleaning gutter from a ladder

How to Safely Clean Gutters

Keep Your Gutters Flowing Freely Some things happen like clockwork, such as how when fall rolls around, leaves start clogging your gutters. Clearing debris from gutters prevents water buildup in them and on your roof and helps prevent possible damage. Learn some of the best ways to clean gutters and avoid accidents while doing so. Climb…

DeWalt Perform and Protect Dustless Solutions

DeWalt Perform and Protect features assist in compliance of OSHA Table 1. Protecting workers from Respirable Silica Dust and other workplace hazards have always been at the forefront of DeWalt’s Perform and Protect System. The heart of silica dust protection for DeWalt is their dust extractor but when combined with industry leading tool and dust…

Bosch and 3M Team Up for Silica Dust Protection

Preventing and Protecting your workers from Silica Dust is getting easier. Prevention from Respirable Silica Dust Exposure is gaining momentum and OSHA has laid out direct actions for employers in their Table 1 directory. At the heart of protection is the combination of Dust Extractor, Dust Attachment, Power Tool, and Personal Protection Equipment. Bosch Power…