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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Metal-Cutting Circular Saw

Finish Your Plumbing Jobs with the Milwaukee® M18™ FUEL™ Metal-Cutting Circular Saw 2782-20 Get just the right length for pipes anywhere on the jobsite thanks to the portable Milwaukee cordless metal-cutting circular saw. This tool has a POWERSTATE™ brushless motor that has fewer moving parts than traditional designs, which makes it more power-efficient and reduces…

profile image milwaukee circular saw left blade

What are the types of Circular Saws?

Sidewinders? Worm Drives? Hypoids? Oh my! No, this is not a zoology lesson! It’s an examination of circular saw types so you can decide what’s best for you. Let’s start with the sidewinder or in-line circular saw. It’s the most common type, especially in the eastern part of the United States. The sidewinder’s motor is…