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rolair air compressor

How to Choose the Right Rolair Air Compressor

Choosing the Right RolAir Air Compressor does not have to be a challenge. Air compressors power pneumatic tools and sprayers, inflate tires and clean dust out of crevices and cracks, making them a critical part of any jobsite or workshop. Learn how compressor features affect performance, and find the ROLAIR® Air Compressor to meet your needs….

lithium ion batteries

Here’s the Skinny on Lithium Ion Batteries

More and more cordless tools are being powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries. In fact, lithium ion is the fastest growing and most promising battery type. Let’s take a look at what this buzz is all about. What are lithium-ion batteries? Very basically, this type of battery gets its power from the movement of lithium ions….

DeWalt Miter Saw FLEXVOLT

DeWalt FLEXVOLT Miter Saw Real-World Test

Corded or Uncorded: You Choose.  DeWalt’s 120 Volt Max 12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DHS790) can run either corded or cordless. Talk about flexibility and convenience! The key is its FLEXVOLT battery system. Two 60 volt FLEXVOLT batteries power the saw with 120 volts when it’s not plugged in. When it’s corded, the saw has unlimited run…